How it works

Everybody loves chips, and ours are 0% fat, 100% charity. By adding to them to your menu and encouraging your customers to chip in by buying a portion or two you’ll be doing your bit to help the thousands of hospitality families whose lives have gone backwards during the last couple of years.

They’re easy to prepare, free from allergens, take up no freezer space, and have an intergalactic shelf life. You don’t need any special equipment and stocking them doesn’t cost a bean. Every bowl of nothing ordered by your customers puts food on the table for a hospitality family struggling to make ends meet.

Who could imagine that buying nothing could change everything?


Tom KerridgeTom Kerridge

Heston BlumenthalHeston Blumenthal

Fred SirieixFred Sirieix

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As an Invisible Chips stockist you’ll be joining an all-star line-up of operators already sending a clear message to their customers and staff that they care about the wider wellbeing of our industry, all thanks to the humble chip.

We showcase every business and celebrate every portion sold on our social feeds.


About us

When the chips are down, Hospitality Action is here to help.

Invisible Chips were created by Hospitality Action, we’re the trade charity for the UK Hospitality Industry. We have supported hospitality people for 185 years and were one of the first charities in the whole of the UK to launch an emergency fund.

We help hospitality people by providing financial support to those in poverty or those who are dealing with physical or mental health conditions.

Since the start of the pandemic some £2.2m has been awarded in grants to over 7,400 households across the UK.

Meanwhile, we continued to support people presenting with issues that did not relate specifically to the pandemic. We have provided mental health support and signposting to the whole hospitality workforce via an online advice and 24 hour helpline and an Employee Assistance Programme which covers 150,000 hospitality workers.

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been in direct contact with over 11,200 people via our helplines and live chat services and provided outreach services to a further 1,500 elderly supporters.

Find out more about Hospitality Action on our website.